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How can you make the two greatest assassins in the universe completely useless and boring?

Oh man.

I loved GotG, but this is fantastic and true.

//Honestly yes it is. 

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So Canada is basically tossing their protection of Humpback Whales in the garbage in order to enable them to put an oil pipeline right through critical habitat territory.

Just in case, y’know, anyone wants to stop talking about moose and maple syrup for a second.

Here, have a petition.


I rendered Milo Manara’s Spider-Woman pose in 3D.

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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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This is not a weapon. This is for killing people," he said.

“Uh… most weapons are,” said Inigo.

“No, they’re not. They’re so you don’t have to kill people. They’re for… for having. For being seen. For warning. This isn’t one of those. It’s for hiding away until you bring it out and kill people in the dark.

The Fifth Elephant, Terry Pratchett, p. 131 (via andrewscottinmypants)
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Bryan “So Nice I Won Twice” Cranston
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Ain’t no thing like me, except me!

Rocket Raccoon - prints on my Society 6! C:

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Demons,witches and a few villains.

All by me, over the last decade.

Montage of art requested by lisathevampireslayer

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Joan Crawford in Possessed (1931)

82 years later and it’s still relevant

This will never not be relevant.

82 years and we still have to fucking tell men this shit

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Women weren’t too hard to animate when Caterina Sforza gave Ezio a massage and then fucked him for 5 minutes of gameplay that didn’t further the plot at all

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I’m not a misandrist, but a few quick questions:

If men can’t even make their own sandwiches, why are they allowed to make bills in congress?

If men can’t control their own sexual urges, why are they allowed to control nations?

If a woman’s legs/shoulders are enough to distract a man, how can we trust them to stay focused on things like open heart surgery or judging a murder trial?

Again not a misandrist, some of my best friends are guys and i’m even dating one.